Cast & Crew

Selena Moreno


Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Selena began her acting and music career at the age of 10 years old. After yanking her mother out of bed on an early Sunday morning to audition for a large talent convention, she has never stopped pursuing her dreams in the entertainment industry. By age 11, she was signed to a respectable talent agency based in Los Angeles with her twin sister. She then began auditioning for major TV and film roles associated with the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, ABC Family, the CW, and many other major studios. She traveled up and down the state of California throughout her pre-teen and high school years performing with her twin sister as a music duo. After building momentum as a music artist, at the age of twenty, Selena auditioned for American Idol to focus on her passion for music. She made it to Hollywood Week of seasons 12 and 13 on national and international television, and has since decided to pick up the pace of her acting career. She landed a number of substantial roles in various films, commercials, musical theaters and is quickly becoming a top booking talent in the Bay Area.

Will LuriÉ


Originally from Houston, Texas, Will Lurié fell in love with acting at a young age. He studied theatre at American University in Washington, DC, attended a summer program at BADA in Oxford, England, and completed a two year Meisner training program at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. Wanting to live closer to family he recently moved to San Francisco and is excited to explore the possibilities the city has to offer. Will has been plant-based since 2012, is an avid soccer player, and fosters dogs in his spare time.



Madison Campione (USC 19’) is a passionate writer and director from San Jose, California. She has been writing stories and making short films since she was 10 years old under the mentorship of her dad who is a professional filmmaker. Currently a sophomore at the University of Southern California, Maddy enjoys the challenge and excitement of bringing her creations to life and looks forward to a long career of thrilling and inspiring audiences around the world.


Co-writer, Cinematographer and Editor

Troy is an award winning Bay Area filmmaker whose production company Cineteller Productions is crafting clever, emotion-evoking films, commercials and promotional shorts for a diverse clientele ranging from investment banks to farmers to high tech companies. In 2013, Dr. Campione founded Cineteller Productions after switching careers from business and technology development to pursue his true lifelong passion: visual and sonic storytelling. He exerts his creative influence across the entire production process, from story development and writing, to directing, cinematography and editing.

megan mcduffee

Composer, sound design

Megan McDuffee is an award-winning composer for film and video games. With an unquenchable need to pursue a music career, she earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Cruz in Film Scoring with a minor in Electronic Music. She then furthered her professional education at the Berklee College of Music, earning a Masters Certificate in Orchestration for Film and TV. Megan specializes in orchestral and electronic music with a dark, melodic aesthetic and horror, sci-fi, and fantasy are her cups of tea. Check out Megan’s epic work.